About Us

Our mission at 2WheelsInMotion is to provide beginner riders the opportunity to rent affordable, mechanically sound, introductory level motorcycles so that they can gain the necessary experience to then purchase the right bike for their riding needs. We understand that it is very difficult when starting out as a new rider to make a decision about what bike is right for you.


Kim Knowler – Founder

At 2WheelsInMotion, we can be the bridge to a lifetime of riding for many new motorcyclists. We are also here to assist those riders who are in need of a weekend getaway and perhaps can’t afford motorcycle ownership, and for those who’s current ride is in the shop for repair. We’re here to help fellow bikers keep the “Rubber to the Road”.

Kim Knowler rode her first motorcycle shortly after her 50th birthday in July of 2008. She found herself getting “out of the box” and on to a scorching hot high school parking lot, surrounded by other MSF students and a small army of Honda Rebel motorcycles. After completing the course, a great network of people helped her find her first bike and invited her to ride with them – white knuckles and all! “My skill level and confidence increased with every mile. ”

Dedicated to offering a safer, more logical way for beginners to practice and improve their skills, we offer beginner-level bikes, tours and night rides. Our hope is that we can help new riders conquer their fears and turn apprehension into exhilaration!

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